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January 10, 2010

Hello world!

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July 27, 2009

>Friday, July 17, 2009

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>I was extremely happy to have Irfan Pathan as my guest on the show along with my old pal Shilpa Shetty. What struck me most is that time has not made a dent on the evergreen Shilpa. She is remarkably well maintained and as effervescent as always. Irfan Pathan is casual and unassuming and it was a pleasure to interact with him. He did not wear any protective guards while answering personal questions such as his love interest and intention of marrying her soon. I believe that there is some resistance in his orthodox family because of religion. My father acted in a film called ‘Shershah Suri’. He told me that when Rani Karmavati of Chittorgarh was surrounded by enemies she asked her rakhi-brother, the Mughal emperor Humayun to defend her and he did so at the loss of his own kingdom. We have such a great heritage of love and brother-hood; I do not know how our times have been so polluted with inter-religion hatred.

Irfan displayed honesty and is so typical of our modern youth that they are casual yet straight-forward. Shilpa Shetty does not belong to this generation, yet she’s a very honest and down to earth girl too. I have known Shilpa and family for long. Her struggle has been long and now she has attained stardom due to her show being such a hit in London. Her good friend has gifted her a share in the Rajasthan Royals IPL team for which Irfan’s brother Yusuf plays. The Pathan brothers are amazing players.

>Thursday, July 16, 2009

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>My father Salim Khan and brother Arbaaz love cricket and are really passionate about it. They are friendly with a lot of international cricketers. As a matter of fact, my father played a lot of cricket in his college days and at one time even dreamed of making a career in cricket.
Dad played in Indore and the Holkar cricket team played gloriously for decades. India’s first captain Col. C.K. Naidu belonged to the Holkar team and Captain Mushtaq Ali played in the one-day game fashion long before this format was invented. My father is fortunate that he had the opportunity to watch Col. Naidu and Captain Mushtaq Ali in action. Once he caught a massive hit by Col. Naidu. But while watching Mushtaq Ali play, he realized that he could never play like that so he opted for another career. Arbaaz is familiar also with several county cricket players. He had flown to London to watch the T20 finals recently held in England.

>Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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>Rains have been alluding Mumbai for a long time, 7th June onwards has been the period for monsoon to break in but this year’s extended, summer has been very tough, during this dry monsoon, it rained only through eyes of farmers. My brother Sohail Khan has made a film on problems of farmers. His “KISAN” is a dramatic entertainer with strong social message. The forces of bazaar want farmers to sell their land for industrialization. The entire conspiracy is so carefully hatched that brothers are divided so that they sell the land. Its new face of slavery. However rains lend mystique beauty to Mumbai. Sea rises to salute rain soaked Mumbai. Monsoon is added tourist attraction to the city.It would be an experience to drive on newly inaugurated sea link during rains. Marine Drive – the queen’s necklace becomes divinely beautiful during this season. The other side of monsoon is rather troublesome for the poor people whose homes are flooded. Daily wages earners go without food. Shoe shine boys go out of job.Memories of 26/7 are deeply itched in the psyche of Mumbai. This year they have predicted wave rising to dangerous height on 24th July 09. I am sure that the spirit of Mumbai rises above all calamities man made or created by nature.The long term solution to most of our problems is planting of trees in huge numbers.

>10 Ka Dum Ft Shilpa Shetty and Irfan Pathan 18 JULY

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>10 Ka Dum Kangana Ranaut | 11th JULY | EPISODE 7

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July 5, 2009

>Thursday, July 2, 2009

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>I was talking to you guys the other day about how much I love dogs. All of a sudden my beloved dog, My jaan has taken ill. She is very unwell and is hospitalized for intensive treatment. Her hemoglobin has fallen to dangerous levels because of infections in the stomach. Lot of blood is lost. Everyday after the strenuous shooting of 10 ka Dum I go to the hospital and spend the night with my ailing jann. I go to my house only for a few hours in the morning to get ready for the shoot. It is breaking my heart to see her in pain. I am terribly upset with her illness. The only saving grace is that the biopsy report does not show any cancer. With this kind of emotional turmoil, I have to perform the jovial, singing and dancing anchor of the show. As I put on my makeup, I prepare myself for the performance. It’s tough but I have to take it in my stride as a professional test… of hiding what I feel at the moment. Television schedules are very tight I realize and one cannot take liberties. Had it been a film shoot I would have certainly cancelled it or delayed it till Myjaan is out of hospital.I wonder if religious fanatics think about or bother about the blood donors cast, creed, color and religion when they need life saving blood transfusion…When human beings are unwell, they believe in universal brotherhood but when they are fighting fit they suffer from all kinds of biases, prejudice and hatred. In this respect animals are better than human beings as they have no prejudices and religious bias. They are truly humane.I dislike it when we refer to animals to describe the stress of human life. We often say he’s leading a dog’s life. Most of our silly abuses include references to dog, donkey and other animals. Its human ignorance and hollow pride that we do not love and respect animals. Isn’t it?


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June 28, 2009

>Friday, June 26, 2009

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>By Salman Khan… in his blog.
It was pure unadulterated fun shooting with Mallika Sherawat and Vijendra – the boxing champion. They come from different fields but their fighting spirit serves as a common link. Mallika’s punches are almost as powerful as Vijendra’s ha ha ha. She’s gutsy, she is. Mallika came to Mumbai with no friends in the film industry and no godfather to push her career. She is a self made woman of substance. Although coming from a small town and a middle class background, she did not show any inhibitions and evolved a free style of performance. She used her body to emote well and win fans. Her modern approach to life and acting is really creditworthy. She has a tremendous courage of her convictions. I like her attitude. Her walk, her manner and body language proclaims just one thing ‘I care a damn for anybody’ she is a rebel in search of full freedom – freedom from formula, freedom from dogmas and orthodox lifestyles. Sexual freedom is a minor issue in craving for total freedom of speech and thought.
Vijendra and Mallika both are from Haryana. The Haryanavi dialect is so melodious and lovely. When you speak a simple sentence in Haryanavi, it sounds funny – happy funny and a little naughty. It has been a great joy shooting this episode with two very lively and gutsy people. Enjoy the show.

>Monday, June 22, 2009

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>By Salman Khan… in his blog.
We were in Greece to shoot a song sequence for Bony Kapoor’s film “Wanted” directed by Prabhu Deva. I used to go for long walks every morning. Once on such a walk, I was pleasantly surprised to find a dog following me and as I walked some more dogs from neighboring localities joined.I have often observed in India that dogs from different streets are hostile to each other and do not approve of trespassing but this did not happen in Greece. And when I was coming back the dogs bid goodbye to each other and went their separate ways.I am a dog lover and sometimes I even treat them like human beings. I love dogs. They are very loyal and love you unconditionally. Have you ever noticed that when a dog lover visits a friend who also has dogs, the dogs smell you from a distance and do not hesitate to show their love. The dogs in Greece really baffled me. There was no rivalry among the dogs of different localities and streets. I wonder if cultural trends affect dogs of different nations…We Indians fight against each other. We have long history of wars fought by brothers. Family feuds have damaged clans. I know nothing about Greek history. It could be that certain breeds are friendly and some are ferocious. I only know that they love and express it in their own ways. Each dog is different and can never be replaced but the love and acceptance each new puppy teaches us is amazing….

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