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July 5, 2009

>Thursday, July 2, 2009

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>I was talking to you guys the other day about how much I love dogs. All of a sudden my beloved dog, My jaan has taken ill. She is very unwell and is hospitalized for intensive treatment. Her hemoglobin has fallen to dangerous levels because of infections in the stomach. Lot of blood is lost. Everyday after the strenuous shooting of 10 ka Dum I go to the hospital and spend the night with my ailing jann. I go to my house only for a few hours in the morning to get ready for the shoot. It is breaking my heart to see her in pain. I am terribly upset with her illness. The only saving grace is that the biopsy report does not show any cancer. With this kind of emotional turmoil, I have to perform the jovial, singing and dancing anchor of the show. As I put on my makeup, I prepare myself for the performance. It’s tough but I have to take it in my stride as a professional test… of hiding what I feel at the moment. Television schedules are very tight I realize and one cannot take liberties. Had it been a film shoot I would have certainly cancelled it or delayed it till Myjaan is out of hospital.I wonder if religious fanatics think about or bother about the blood donors cast, creed, color and religion when they need life saving blood transfusion…When human beings are unwell, they believe in universal brotherhood but when they are fighting fit they suffer from all kinds of biases, prejudice and hatred. In this respect animals are better than human beings as they have no prejudices and religious bias. They are truly humane.I dislike it when we refer to animals to describe the stress of human life. We often say he’s leading a dog’s life. Most of our silly abuses include references to dog, donkey and other animals. Its human ignorance and hollow pride that we do not love and respect animals. Isn’t it?


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