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June 28, 2009

>Friday, June 26, 2009

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>By Salman Khan… in his blog.
It was pure unadulterated fun shooting with Mallika Sherawat and Vijendra – the boxing champion. They come from different fields but their fighting spirit serves as a common link. Mallika’s punches are almost as powerful as Vijendra’s ha ha ha. She’s gutsy, she is. Mallika came to Mumbai with no friends in the film industry and no godfather to push her career. She is a self made woman of substance. Although coming from a small town and a middle class background, she did not show any inhibitions and evolved a free style of performance. She used her body to emote well and win fans. Her modern approach to life and acting is really creditworthy. She has a tremendous courage of her convictions. I like her attitude. Her walk, her manner and body language proclaims just one thing ‘I care a damn for anybody’ she is a rebel in search of full freedom – freedom from formula, freedom from dogmas and orthodox lifestyles. Sexual freedom is a minor issue in craving for total freedom of speech and thought.
Vijendra and Mallika both are from Haryana. The Haryanavi dialect is so melodious and lovely. When you speak a simple sentence in Haryanavi, it sounds funny – happy funny and a little naughty. It has been a great joy shooting this episode with two very lively and gutsy people. Enjoy the show.


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