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June 21, 2009

>Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Now I observe that my nephews and nieces play with electronic toys and know a lot about computers and other gadgets. In our childhood, we played with traditional toys and most of our time was spent on playgrounds. Sohail’s son Nirvan and Arabaz’s son Arhaan and Alvira’s son Ayan play with gadgets like experts. Alvira’s daughter Alige is so confident that she almost matches grownups in number of things. The other day we were all chatting and having a great time. Nirvan and Ayan were taking photographs with their mobile phones. After an hour or so the kids edited the photos I such a way that it looked like a film! My father is rattled with these gadgets and he uses them only when his landline is not working. His grandchildren fix up his mobile, read messages for him.

Today kids are so techno savvy and have developed amazing skills. They have great exposure. They have travelled abroad. When I compare my childhood with theirs, I feel I was so simple and knew so little. When these kids grow up, the world will be a tougher and complicated place. All these skills they are developing in the childhood will be useful to them. I think machines and technology will dominate. Entertainment will be redefined.If anyone asks me if I would be happy to be a child in today’s time, my answer would be NO. I am happy with my childhood and have no desire to use time machine either to go in future or to travel backwards. I like time at its normal speed.


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