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June 21, 2009

>Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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>10 ka Dum like all good work is the result of team work. The synergy team consists of lots of young hard working brilliant young girls superbly led by Roza, Babu’s wife and Manisha from Sony. My sister Alvira often visits our sets as she has designed my clothes for the show with her partner Ashley.There’s always good cheer while shooting and off camera, we often crack rather bold jokes, ribbing each other like long standing friends and the girls take in sportingly. The friendly atmosphere is such that there is no gender discrimination- girls are quite like boys and some boys are girlish in temperament.Sometimes I feel that we should also shoot our off camera activities. Its great fun and healthy bantering… It could be real cool stuff. Our team mate Preeti who handles the tele prompter is getting married soon and will settle in Belgium. She has trusted the judgment of her parents and agreed to marry even without meeting the bridegroom. Her contention is that even marriages after a long courtship also fail…I tease her that it’s a real ‘Blind Date’.Babu, Siddarth Basu is one cool guy. He is friendly and talkative yet makes a graceful exit whenever bold jokes are cracked…though he knows that everything is always within the limits of decency. It is perhaps these friendly pranks and jokes that help us survive long grinding hours and come up with a super show.I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do shooting each episode…


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