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June 21, 2009

>Friday, June 12, 2009

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>Very often we have our films based on children with scripts revolving around childhood experiences. So, I was thrilled to have Darsheel Safary, Tanay Chheda and Azharuddin Mohammed as my contestants for one of the next episodes of 10 ka Dum. There was full on masti, laughter and dancing with three very special kids. They lit up the show with their inborn talent to entertain; they instinctively answered the questions; they sang, they danced with immense energy. While shooting with them, I realized that even though they had come from such different backgrounds; Darsheel from a well off, south Mumbai family and Azharuddin from a modest, simple family in the suburbs….But on 10 ka Dum their naturalness defied all differences of their status and backgrounds.Talent is a great equalizer and it drops its seeds without any discrimination. As a matter of fact most great comic talent has emerged from rather poor families. From the all time great Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Walker, Mehmood Uncle, Johnny Lever to Rajpal Yadav.Fame and money has not destroyed Darsheel’s naturalness. Tanay, is sincere and hardworking and Azharuddin is ultra-confident. I was heartened by this. It is also a fact that most successful artists indeed retain their childlike innocence in all stages of life. Fame and wealth are difficult to handle at any age and greedy parents rob innocence to make a fast buck. This disturbs me a great deal. They tend to overburden the children and it’s like the fabled hen that laid golden eggs… I wish and pray sincerely that it does not happen to these three child prodigies. Most parents nurture the Mozart dream. My heart bleeds for children who have been forced to work in hotels and other places to earn the daily bread for their family.Coming back to my champion guests for the episode, I am sure you all will really enjoy this episode with your families…with as much laughter in your homes as there was in the studios while shooting.


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