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May 30, 2009

>Friday May 29, 2009

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>By Salman Khan…..
It’s a pleasure doing the second season of 10 Ka Dum. Now the sets look slightly larger. Some of the team members have also been replaced. I do miss our old colleagues but the new youngsters have the same competence and spirit. Its like the slight change in the set, arches have been replaced and yet the impact is the same. Evergreen Siddarth Basu has made the change very smooth.

Karishma and Kareena Kapoor feature in the inaugural episode of season 2 and it has been pure joy working with the fabulous Kapoor sisters. I have worked with both of them in quite a lot of films: My brother Sohail’s latest film has Kareena with me – Mr. and Mrs. Khan. Both sisters have some similarities yet they are different individuals. Both have been punctual, sincere and hardworking but Kareena is not as vulnerable as Karishma has been probably because Karishma had to struggle a lot and she paved way for Kareena. Film industry has changed a lot and this can be observed between the two sisters. These days of fast changing world bring about a generation gap even if siblings are born within three years of each other whereas Karishma is 6 years older than Kareena. Remuneration of artists has undergone sea of change during the last couple of years. Karishma used to work hard on her roles and used to come to the sets with Kareena, who was almost like her understudy. While watching her elder sister Karishma, Kareena imbibed a lot. Both the sisters are full of life, energy and ambition.

The show revealed hidden heroes among commoners and also projected the commoner in me. Basically I am a simple straightforward man so for me it was a fun filled voyage of discovering each other. Last season ended on a note of happiness for all of us and a promise that we will repeat it with greater energy and friendlier spirit.


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  1. >salman bhai assalamalikum you always rock bhaijan you are the only piece of bollywood balki hollywood bhi bolsaktey hain app hamesha aisey hi hits dete rahe rahe aur aapko allah hamesha saath deta rahe yehi dua hai

    Comment by surya — June 20, 2009 @ 2:13 am | Reply

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