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May 24, 2009

>Salman Khan giving the producers of 10 Ka Dum sleepless nights

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A moody Salman Khan has been giving the producers of 10 Ka Dum (a TV show he hosts) sleepless nights. According to sources in Big Synergy (who’s producing the show), the actor was meant to complete shooting for four episodes of the second season of the show, something he hasn’t done yet.”

A source reveals, “The channel has already begun promotional ads and outdoor hoardings have been put up. The show is slated to air from May 30.”

No show

The source adds. “Salman was to begin shooting last week but he never showed up. The makers could barely finish shooting two promos with him. The producers now have the actor’s dates (after May 22) but it still isn’t clear if he will show up. The actor’s dates were a nagging issue even last year. He didn’t turn up for most of his shoots and eventually, the company had to shoot with his friends a lot more than with normal contestants.”

Late nights again

A spokesperson for Big Synergy, who did not wish to be named says, “It is true that Salman has not shot a single minute of the show yet. We all have been panicking. It does look like he will make us shoot late nights like he did last year.”


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